Radiator in the back, unsuccesfull.

At first I had the radiator in the rear parcel shelf in the back. I really liked that position because of the short coolant lines, and because it was very well hidden. If you follow the links below you can read what I did to build it in the back and in the "Debug the cooling system" part you can read what I did to make it work. Sadly, I had to conclude it only worked in the city and on b-roads. This setup was not capable of keeping the engine cool on the highway (speeds of 120 km/h for longer distances, >10 km). If you want to make the rear radiator setup work, you will need a windtunnel to see how the air flows at various speeds.
I don't have a windtunnel.. :-) , so I decided to move the radiator to the front of the car.

find a place for the radiator place radiator in rear parcel shelf create radiator box create air-scoops and channels that scoop air from under the car create/attach the coolant lines
Debug the cooling system